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In order to make the entry into the world of ELIZZA engagement rings and their diamonds easier for you, we provide you with insight and know-how on the evaluation and on what to keep in mind. At ELIZZA you are always consulted professionally and in detail at the best price. We will show you that the 4 Cs do not cover all aspects but that there are other things that need consideration.

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4C's Eklärung: Color, Clarity, Cut, Carat.

The 4C's of a diamond

Introduction to the attributes of a diamond at ELIZZA. Learn the basics of evaluating a diamond. The 4 Cs – color, clarity, cut und carat – make it easier for you to understand the relevance during a consultation and enable you to evaluate a diamond according to your demands. Of course, our consultants and their professional know-how are at your disposal and will answer all your questions about the world of diamonds.

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Diamond Shapes

Get to know new diamond shapes for engagement rings and let ELIZZA inform you about their advantages and disadvantages. We offer the possibility for you to choose from exotic diamonds for your engagement ring. In principle, we are familiar with all diamond shapes at ELIZZA and are happy to help you with your individual and special design.

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Unterschiedliche Diamanten-Formen Überblick

Diamonds come in many different shapes and each shape has different features. ELIZZA offers engagement rings with all diamond shapes. Yet, the round cut diamond is still one of the most valuable ones and, thus, a popular choice for engagement rings, wedding rings & wedding jewelry in general. Learn more about the different shapes and their history.

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Round Brilliant Shape

More fire and brilliance than any other shape – obviously the most recommendable diamond shape. Round cut diamonds dominate more than half of the world market. Not least because this cut guarantees the best facet development and, thus, creates a maximum of fire within the diamond.

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Emerald Shape

What is special about emerald cut diamonds is their vintage look and charm of a past era. Many style icons, for example Grace Kelly, preferred this unique shape. The emerald shape is one of the first diamond shapes that found its way into the jewelry industry. Their clarity and larger, open table make them the perfect diamond for vintage engagement rings.

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Pear Shape

The pear cut is also often called teardrop or pendeloque cut. Its unique shape and avant-garde look are popular for engagement rings with an extravagant touch. Elizabeth Taylor made this diamond shape internationally famous.

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Oval Shape

The oval cut is a mix between the round brilliant and the pear cut. It is the perfect choice if the diamond should have an exotic shape but also the glamour of a brilliant. Due to their length-to-width ratio, oval diamonds can vary immensely concerning their dramatic look.

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Heart Shape

This rare shape shows unique symbolism and is the perfect way to carry your heart on your finger. In 2013, Lady Gaga’s former fiancé gave her one of the most exclusive engagement rings with a heart-shaped diamond. The heart shape became the theme of design and fine pavé setting was used to create initials.

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Princess shape

Like the brilliant, the princess diamond is a very classic choice and, thus, serves as a great alternative to the round brilliant cut. Though it shares the same acceptance for solitaire rings, the princess cut diamond is fundamentally different. It has edges and curves. Only the proportions and tastes for beauty are different. Often, women choose between these two models.

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Asscher Shape

The Asscher cut offers a beautiful vintage shape of timeless elegance. It is very similar to the emerald cut. Its unique brilliance and incredible fire create a unique optical firework. It might remind you of a hall of mirrors full of illusions.

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Radiant Shape

The mix of its rectangular but also square shape, which combines the brilliance and depth of the round brilliant, princess and emerald cut, contributes to the radiant diamond being the most sparkling rectangular cut of all. This makes it a beautiful choice for an exotic diamond.

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Cushion Shape

Its square shape is similar to the shape of a cushion. This diamond shape is a rare and unique choice. Its large facets ensure the diamond to be highly light-flooded, thus creating a wide range of spectral colors. The cushion cut is used more and more often as the center diamond in an engagement ring – ELIZZA’s campaign in 2016 displayed such a spectacular engagement ring as the cover of the campaign.

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Marquise Shape

This diamond shape, which was commissioned in the 18th century by a king to please his mistress Madame de Pompadour, still embodies the rococo style and offers a perfect way to maximize the carat weight and to optically elongate the finger. For some time now, individual designers offer this cut as an eternity ring as well.

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Engagement Rings

Whether you like the classic round cut or prefer the princess cut diamond – we will set any diamond in your ring.


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Wedding Rings

The Eternity - A gift for an eternity as a couple.