Custom made engagement rings

One of the most important criteria is the taste of your beloved. Yet, the size of the diamond and the size of the ring finger have to be taken into account as well. The latter is an important question since the perfect engagement ring is made to measure and is only slightly adjusted after the proposal – according to the recommendation. When adjusting the size of an engagement ring, pressure is put on the ring (band), which has a negative impact on the setting of the diamond when wearing it long-term. This can result in cracks or, worse, in losing the valuable diamond forever.

That's why we've come up with something unique - the custom made engagement ring!

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Der Verlobungsring zum Heiratsantrag

1st Step - The engagement ring for the proposal

With ELIZZA you maintain full flexibility concerning the final engagement ring even after the proposal since we offer a 100% authentic model ring for your proposal. This engagement ring offers a risk-free ring selection, which can still be changed later on.

Messen der perfekten Ringgrösse

2nd Step - Measuring the ring size

After your proposal you can visit one of our shops with your fiancée and we will measure the ring size of your future wife. Now, if necessary, you also have the chance to change the ring model. In case your loved one fancies a different model, it is also possible to change rings. Only then does the production of your final engagement ring start – a truly exclusive customized ring for eternity. You can wear the model ring until your final ring is ready.

Auslieferung und Kontrolle ihres Verlobungsringes

3rd Step - Delivery and quality testing of your engagement ring

As soon as your engagement ring has passed all quality tests successfully and is ready for you, we will contact you in order to make an appointment for the delivery of your ring. As a final step, we will give you some tips on how to take care of your ring and will inform you about our extensive free services at ELIZZA.

Verlobungsring-Beispiel von Elizza Schmuck

Engagement Rings

Whether you like the classic round cut or prefer the princess cut diamond – we will set any diamond in your ring.


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We offer you know-how about engagement rings and their diamonds.